Sunday, July 10, 2011

A New Swap

Just this evening I came across a new swap group on flickr. The group is for a mini quilt swap, you have until 15th August to make a quilt. Now the fun part you email a picture of your quilt to the leader then it is in a pool. You get a quilt for every one you submit. It is a different idea but I think that is great fun. If you are interested in joining in the fun go to

I have signed up now for two so I had better get sewing

Happy Sewing


Saturday, July 9, 2011

Pick of my favourites for blogpost

A little about me

Ok this post is here to mainly help my partner for the current doll quilt swap. So here we go:
First this swap really appealed to me because it was for a mini bed quilt. I love the idea of having a small version of a larger quilt.
I don't have a particular favourite colour, though I do seem to draw to yellow red orange or green blue yellow green, you get my drift. But that would depend on design.
I prefer more modern fabrics and those that are colourful. I also really like solid fabrics and amish style quilts are lovely.
I am a true love of hexies, single block quilts. I also love seeing tradional blocks in modern fabrics. I love what Kaffe Fasset has done for quilting.
I love a little hand quilting for decoration, but that is not essential.
I think for me what is most important is that my partner enjoys making the quilt, so I would like them to make what they are comfortable with.
Couldn't put mosaic in here but it will be found soon on this blog.

I have a mosaic of some that I have selected from my favourites and here is why:
Mitred crosses, I loved this the moment I saw it, it is from Susan Beales Log Cabin quilts. It is colour and layout I really like about this.
Little amish I love the variety of colours and that they are all solids
Equilateral triangles, gosh I love that pattern, never tried it myself but I think it looks great.
Another equilateral triangle, but this could easily be half square triangles, for me this is about colours, I love the fabrics against the white nice variety of similar coloured prints.
Oh plus plus quilt, ok I love hope valley but that isn't why I selected this one, I love, love this pattern and it has been on my to do for too long!
Tumblers that look like elongated hexies, yep it is a pattern thing here though the colours are lovely as well.
Awww little strawberry hexies, yeah I am a bit of a girly girl and to see this in my favourite hexies how could I resist.
Ahh Red peppers strawberry quilt, this has some serious sentimental value to me. When I first saw this quilt I couldn't get it out of my head. I made a copy quilt of this for my anniversary and I made one out of Amy Butler Daisy chain in blues and greens for my eldest daughter. I love the pattern so much.
Rachaels doll quilt wow it is so stunning. I love the pattern, variety of fabrics and colours are amazing. I wish I could make something like this one. Half square triangles are not my favourite to sew lol.
I hope this has helped a bit, as I don't want to ask for something specific as that would take the fun out.
I hope that my partner has found this helpful

The Blog Absence

I am sorry for what seems a very long absence but I have had some other issues that have needed my attention lately and now all I want is to get back on track. I really had to take a big time out!
I signed up for the doll quilt swap and I am hoping that I get selected to participate in that. I have not been sewing at all latley, hence no pics.
I will make a post that will help my partner this week end I don't know what will be the most helpful but it will be a sort of getting to know me post.
A new post will follow soon, until then