Sunday, May 22, 2011

Something Small

Something Small by sewhappy45
Something Small, a photo by sewhappy45 on Flickr.

I have been wanting to make a quilt like this for sometime, but was never sure how to start. After I saw the doll quilt Nova made for the down under doll quilt I thought I MUST do it. She explained how she just went with it and encouraged me to give it a go.
I recently read a post on sillyboodilly's blog that had a small quilt made using patterned fabric, and I started thinking.....
What if you use a feature fabric then add other components like a design board. This idea grew. I have only used scraps for this project, except the main patterned fabric, it has a lot of feelings in this little quilt, almost like a little trip down memory lane. I plan to do more hand quilting on this, since I was so happy with the way my doll quilt turned out.
Happy sewing


Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Puff, Puff, Pant, Pant! I Made It!

Doll Quilt Drying in the Sun

Phew I have just completed my doll quilt for the Down Under Doll Quilt Swap. I decided to add some hand stitching to the border. I found Kate's hand quilting blog here a huge help and I decided to take a leap, it was a really good feeling when I tuned it over and Yippee it worked! I have tried hand quilting before and have not liked how it has turned out but this time it was good. Now don't get me wrong I still need practice but Oh Boy I am happy with it. Big Thank You to Kate.
All I have to do now is wait for it to dry and bundle it off to my partner who I hope loves it and is happy with it...I love it and I am happy. I send this to them very happily and confidently. So that is my first swap. It is a lot of fun and now I will be waiting for the next one.
I have also been knitting lately, I have discoverd the fun of knitting socks but I am a very slow knitter and I enjoy sewing more, I will post a pic if I ever get them completed.