Thursday, February 10, 2011

My Encouragement Pillow

It is so beautiful! Today I finished my pillow to go with my Postage Stamp Quilt. I made the block from the 100 blocks Magazine ( Julie's one) then I saw Julie's ( Jaybird quilts) pillow tutorial here and I thought why not. So I used the block and added the words that I also put on the back of my quilt.  So it is my favourite block, in my favourite fabric and now it has words that for me have the most help in my down times.
I never realized just how significant those words would be. I wanted it to encourage me, to not give up, even when I really want to. Lately my life has got the better of me you could say and it has felt out of my control. The last week has been particularly difficult for me in so many ways, so as this sweet encouraging pillow was being made it was already getting to work. Just seeing the words, it makes me just stop and think about my dreams and hopes, it takes me away from the turmoil that is currently my life. Sorry for being so depressing, this is just something I have to work through, I just wish it didn't drain me. I felt so happy when I saw it finished, it was the hightlight of my day. I so love this pillow, it is where I can always see it, always reminding me and cheering me up.
I have decided enter this in the Sew Mama Sew Pillow Month, I am so proud of it.
What I really liked about making this pillow was that it is not only easy but you have the ability to get a quick practice with mixing fabrics, quilting and even sewing. Quilts always command attention but pillows really should get more attention because they sure deserve it. This is the first of many, that is for sure

Have a great day



  1. This is a wonderful pillow and the addition of the words make it so special. I hope that your life struggles don't get the best of you anymore and you rise above all the turmoil and make your dreams come true!

  2. LOVE the pillow and the quilt! I am SO jealous of those fabrics! Great job putting them together!

  3. The pillow is really wonderful - I would say you have the skills for the DQS - one of the things we look for is an active flickr account so, if you're swapping or in a bee over there already, that all counts in your favour - maybe next round, join in! And I hope life evens out for you soon. And, if you make Hexagon Park, please let me know and also let me know if you get stuck making it! Lynne X

  4. This pillow is really great--We all need hope and dreams and to believe. I think it may be the inspiration for one for my daughter

  5. So cute! I love the color combos and what a perfect accent bed pillow!

  6. I love your pillow and I would like to make a similar one! It does bring encouragement and hope.