Thursday, February 3, 2011

The Story Behind Greenfield

Ok today I am going to tell you how the Greenfield Tablecloth came to be. I made a quilt/ tablecloth some time ago using Swell. I was so unhappy with it I tossed it into a drawer and put it out of my mind. Back in December (2010) I stumbled across it pulled it out and had a look at it, sure I could see what I didn't like but I saw it with different eyes this time. (I have been reading Maria Peaglers, Color Mastery book which I did pick a thing or two up from)
At the time everyone who saw it asked if it was for christmas, red and green, you know. Suddenly I came across it just before christmas and it seemed so perfect. I added the inner border and the outer border, quilted and bound it. Now I am ready for christmas and I will be using my lovely Swell christmas Tablecloth.

The moment I saw greenfield I thought it would look so lovely done in the same pattern. So I have been measuring and making but the pattern needs some tweaks so once that has been done I will post a pattern for anyone else who might also want to make one.

Sometimes it can be good to come back to things that aren't working, the best part was realizing how much my skills had improved. (for starters I don't use 1cm seams any more) I truly love both of these tablecloths and I know that I will also be making many more, they are fun to make and dress up my table.

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