Thursday, April 21, 2011

It has been a while

Well what can I say. Making a doll quilt for someone else was harder than it first seemed. It started well, I made a design then I started. All went well for a while but then I realized that I was a little lot out of my depth and so I scrapped it. I was so critical of my work, design, well everything I guess, so much that I made it not enjoyable. So after a brief break I came back with a fresh attitude and it has been wonderful. I haven't stopped sewing since the idea hit. I have always liked the drunkards path pattern and when I came across this alternative version I thought "this is it". I have really enjoyed putting this together and I feel that slowing down really helped a lot. I thought about colour, value and placement. The experience has left me feeling so wonderful and happy with myself. I will be making another for myself because I want one just like this and I want to keep this memory. I hope my partner loves it too, I have wanted to impress her.
Happy sewing



  1. It' looks amazing! I'm also doing the DUDQS11 and don't worry I'm exactly like you!