Sunday, January 15, 2012

Weekend Quilting

I just had to share this as I am just bubbling with excitement, this weekend I was looking at Leah Day's Blog  and there was a tutorial for stippling on it. Now I have only just started to really give this a go prior to my last post my darning foot made me shudder. I was real scared of free motion quilting...stippling all of it. Once I did the four squares that I posted about earlier I was thrilled, I felt I could take on anything, so I did.... I spent Saturday unpicking my hand quilting on this quilt: (sorry about sideways pic)

My youngest daughter helped me re pin and get it back to ready. I really couldn't have done it without her help. Then the fun began. All went really well now I am not going to win any prizes for my ace quilting but I (that's me) have actually quilted this quilt with STIPPLING! I never thought that this was possible so I feel on top of the world right now.( I can't stop just looking at it, it really is that hard to believe) There were some hiccups like one bit where I did a loop and others where my stitching has crossed anothers path and the stitches aren't even but all of that does not matter to me as I have actually done this and it wasn't anywhere near as bad as I thought it would be. In fact I wouldn't have this quilt any other way and I can say that this is my first of many, I am converted and officially out of the ditch...Yay! So here is a close up and another pic of my quilt that spent way too long on the UFO pile.


  1. Yay! It looks awesome. I've never tried a hexie before, but yours look fabulous. Good work on the stippling.

  2. It looks great! And wasnt that so much fun?

  3. Lovely. This is inspiring.