Tuesday, February 14, 2012

A Change in Plans

DQS 12 by sewhappy45
DQS 12, a photo by sewhappy45 on Flickr.

Ok this is what I have made for my partner for the Doll Quilt Swap. I felt that she may not have liked my other creation too much, maybe it was colours, possibly pattern, what ever it was I felt it wasn't happening. So I decided to have a re think and this is what developed.
I tried a new technique with thhis by sewing fabric on paper.
I have found this difficult to put together but all in all I am happy with the final result.
I am looking so forward to quilting this, I will post pics when I have done that.

Happy sewing



  1. Wow! That is really cool!!! It so full of movement!! Fantastic!!!

  2. Found you! Hi Sonia :o) My quilt arrived today and I am blown away, it is perfect in EVERY WAY :o) It proudly hangs abive my computer and will provide constant inspiration. I will be putting up a blog post in the morning and will link back to you :O)(I am also your newest stalker via Google reader) and just so you know ........ I love the other design you were also working on :o) Hope you finished it and have it hanging somewhere to admire. Talk soon, Sharon xx

  3. Hi Sonia. I have just come over from Sharon's blog. Your DSQ quilt is adorable. Well done. Sharon is one lucky lady.

  4. Just popping in from Sharons. where this quilt is shown finished... just fantastic... you have lots of awesome work...

  5. Hi Sonia,
    I was just writing to say hello. I haven't seen you around blogs or Flickr for a while and hope you're okay. I hope it's because you're too busy sewing beautiful things. :). Take care, Rachael