Friday, February 3, 2012

hopevalley 2

hopevalley 2 by sewhappy45
hopevalley 2, a photo by sewhappy45 on Flickr.

I am a little behind with my free motion quilting with Leah Day. The other week was looking at scale.
I unpicked my hopevalley postage stamp quilt as I hadn't calculated my backing fabric very well. Once I had done that I figured what better way to learn than to do it for real.
This is a reasonable sized quilt but it didn't take very long to quilt it....I was very surprised. I am now so glad as I now have my lovely hope valley quilt good to use.


  1. Ohh I love your Hope Valley quilt!! It looks huge! Good on you for quilting it, It looks great!!

  2. i love this quilt! i've always wanted to put together a quilt of many colors, with tiny little squares. maybe some day i will do a baby quilt like this.