Sunday, February 5, 2012

Doll Quilt Swap 12

This post is specifically for my partner.
I won't be including pictures here as I realised that I have many pics in my favourites on Flickr, so I have decided to give more info here about me.
I love colour, my favourite at the moment is green. I do tend to like my colours to group, warms or cools, hey but if you like to mix them that is very ok with me.
I like sewing stuff, coffee tea, teacups, Forest animals, birds, really anything cute.
I am really getting into Japanese patchwork at the moment, also intrigued by liberated quilting
so if you feel like doing something wonky that is very fine with me.
I am easy with solids or prints or any combo, if you want to sew a quilt using all solids that too is fine...I have lots of quilts that I love that only used solids.
Ok now with the blocks there is 5 to choose from, I love simplicity so log cabins, shoo fly, flying geese are all perfectly fine. I am always impressed with NY beauty and drunkards path so again if you want to do those blocks then that too is fine.
Most important thing of all to me is that you enjoy making this little quilt I hope that I have helped you or taken any anxiety away. I want to leave your choices as open as possible as this is your creation.

Happy sewing


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  1. DQS 12 looks like so much fun with the limited choice of blocks. It's interesting how they add limitations like that. I bet you've got that nervous, excited, creative buzzy feeling you get at the start of a swap. Have fun!!