Wednesday, February 8, 2012

DQS 12

DQS 12 by sewhappy45
DQS 12, a photo by sewhappy45 on Flickr.

Here is what I have so far for my doll quilt swap. This quilt has evolved to this and I do have a lot more work to do.
This started with a quote, can't say what it was just yet. That quote got me thinking. After looking at an insane number of quilts on Flickr for inspiration one jumped out as being able to fit the bill, interestingly it was on chickenfoots mosaic but I knew it was the one. Now inspiration is one thing but I didn't want to copy that style exactly so I opted to only have every other a churn and dash block. Now this quote required that the other blocks be more free and crazy.
I was sewing like a mad woman, then when I put it up on my board I felt very taken back.
This is a bold quilt and the colour is strong, I am a little intimidated by it and I can't believe that I have actually sewn it.
Ahhh but then I pause....I doubt my judgement, I worry that my partner will look at it and wonder what I was thinking, or what I had been drinking when I came up with this. I felt so frightened, I even started to sew another block then drew up another quilt while this one sat on my design board. Then the quote came into my head. (I know this is frustrating but I can not ruin the surprise), if I am to stay true to the quote then I must see this through.
So deep breath I put it on flickr , it is now out there and I feel a little nauseous, is that normal?
The question I may have to face is if my partner doesn't like my idea do I scrap it?

Happy sewing



  1. I love your idea!! The churn dash work so well with the cross blocks! You're making me curious with the mysterious quote... I wonder what it could be... The nausea of showing your art, especially when made with your heart, to the world is normal. I'm always nervous when I post on my blog or put photos on Flickr. I'm sure your partner will love it!

  2. I love this one also. What was the quote, you have me very interested. hugs, Sharon