Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Busy with wool

I must say sorry for such a long delay in posting. I have been sewing a little, on the doll quilt only. I received some sheeps wool and I have been totally lost in it.
First there is the cleaning of it, that isn't as bad as I expected and I find it good fun.
I pick through it to remove any weed seeds and such.
I have tried spinning, um that's not as easy as it looks. I need a lot more practice before I show anything I make. I do laugh at it though, one of the worst yarns you will ever see. Practice, practice, practice.
I have tried my hand at felting, oh now that I like and it is really fun too. The result is satisfactory for my first shot at it. I am wanting to incorporate it into a sewing project.
I am so in love with wool, it is so amazing.

I would also like to take the time to mention an online bookstore that I have come across. It is called The Book Depository I love their service and they have a great selection of books. I have also started to collect a few e-books and they also have a pretty good range of them too. I have been so happy with them I thought that I should share these thoughts. I love books and I am always looking around book sites for different craft books. Any how check them out, even if it is to just look over what they have.

Well I am off to play with some wool, happy sewing


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