Sunday, March 13, 2011

A new beginning?

As I mentioned before I am wanting to make a baby quilt for a little boy. I have had so much difficulty with it but this weekend I have been playing with fabrics and came up with this:

I quite like these colours together. I have this love of teal at the moment so I guess this will get it out of my system, maybe.
After doing the project with selvadges I wanted to try and capture that feeling. I will make a few more blocks and see if I like what I see. It is quite bright but I am hoping it will form a nice pattern. So far it looks quite promising.
So what do you think is better for baby bright colours or more pastel? Do you do different for boys and girls?
It will be interesting to see the Michael Miller competition at Spoonflower results. For that you have to design a fabric for a baby boy. I don't think I would be too good at that as I have had enough trouble making one quilt. I also need to do one for a little girl, I have a massive supply of pink fabric so that shouldn't pose any fabric problems, the design could be a problem. I will deal with that after this.

Have fun sewing


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