Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Pincushion finish and a Question???

Yay I finished my pincushion today, before the weekend. I think I did well. Actually I really have enjoyed making this. I loved doing the hand stitching, I sure need practice at that. The little hexies are 5/8th of an inch, so cute. Hexies are my most favourite shape.I used my favourite fabric hopevalley on the back. Oh and the little label is one I had made by Mommie made it on etsy.
 I had a browse over the net and Flickr, I came across a group that was doing a pincushion swap..(pretty cool) and noticed on the discussions a topic about filling. That got me wondering...What is the perfect filling for a pincushion?
Now I just used cotton on this and some scrap bits around, that makes a pretty hard pincushion, it can also be difficult to get thin needles into it. Once (very long time ago, can't remember the source or if there is any truth in it) I read that polyester attracts moisture and causes rusting?? Could that be true? I find polyester to be a bit on the light side, I like a heavier pincushion.

Please I would love to know what do you stuff your pincushion with. Do you use walnuts, and if you do is it all walnut shell or is it a mixture? Oh and if you know of a good web site for information please I would love to know.

Oh I also joined the down under doll quilt swap so if you are in Australia or New Zealand go here to join up and have some fun.

Have a great day


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