Tuesday, March 8, 2011

When in Doubt, make a Pincushion!

OK I don't have a baby quilt to show you. I put a few blocks together then froze up. It just isn't working for me and I have too much self doubt to go forward, so the baby quilt is on hold. I am unsure if or when I will make it.
So what have I been working on? Well I had some fun with scraps and put this together:

My daughter and I had fun together making this. It has loose threads because I just had to wash it. So I have more to do but I am sure that you get the idea. My inspiration came from this little fella:
This is my best buddy. We are very rarely apart. He means so much to me. He is wonderful.

I also have a pincushion thing going on at the moment. I decided that I want to make one using hexagons. This is what I have so far:

Now I must admit I have frozen with every thing and I just feel so unsure of myself and I am feeling a bit lost. I am sure that this feeling will pass and all will be back soon. I hope to show you the completed pincushion by the weekend and the picture will become a mini quilt soonish I hope. (there are a lot more details to be sewn)

Hope you are all having sewing fun



  1. It happens, truly... I experienced more frozen moments this past winter then I can remember in a long time. I think the thing to do is just keep forging on. Making a pin cushion is a great idea to do something simple and fun... no pressure! Your pictorial quilt in progress is very cute, and your sweet pooch is adorable! xo

  2. I love the idea of attempting a hex quilt but it seems so fiddly and hand done, nit sure my skills are ready to be stretched that far yet!

  3. awesome picture quilt, so much likeness to your dog, so cute!